There’s something about home you cannot quite replicate. It’s where the senses find comfort and relaxation. In the kitchen with ma as she delivers the “delicious”, day after day, meal after meal one is embraced by the aromas of her spice skills, the placating sounds of oil frying on the tava, the visual delight of the food freshly cooked, the digging of your fingers into the curries to relish the textures and release those vital ingredients for good digestion, and to finally savour the taste. Ooooh Ma! What would life have been without the love at home? This is the heart of Bhoujan. Food cooked to the sensitivities of family members, every dish served with dollops of love. No other cuisine in the world comes close to gratifying all 5 senses the way Indian cuisine does, it isn’t just a gastronomical indulgence, its soul-satisfying nourishment. It’s the reason why dining at Bhoujan is always a homecoming celebration.

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